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What the heck is

2MU Metanoia?

We’re Erika and Lanny of Two Mann Studios. We’re wedding photographers, educators, writers, dreamers, and parents to two other Manns, Madelyn and Timmy Mann (That makes four Manns if you’re counting).

Eight years in the making, 2MU Metanoia is a no bullsh*t, semester-long mentorship that pulls back the veil on everything – and we mean everything – we know about wedding photography. An uncompromised piece of educational art, 2MU Metanoia is a master key for unlocking powerful new ways to see and photograph the world. It’s the ultimate realization of a relentless quest to help photographers make better, more meaningful work. Welcome to our magnum opus.

Learn at your pace

Over 50 hours of unparalleled studio, field, and behind the scenes video tutorials.

We’re in your corner

Unfiltered access to Erika & Lanny for live Q&As throughout the semester.

Indispensible tools

Reference documents that cover our entire process from gear, to workflow to post-production.

Endless inspiration

Lifelong membership in our alumni community and private forum.

Master more skills than Neo in The Matrix

Build a whole new mindset and way of seeing the world

Perform to your potential under pressure

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students say


Has anyone else felt like they’ve gained a new superpower?

Aside from seeing all the highlights/shadows everywhere, my smell, hearing (and even taste) all seem stronger. I keep hearing the phrase ‘you have finally given yourself permission’ over and over in my head. I’m honestly on a bit of a natural high from it all and not hating it! Has this happened to anyone else? Or am I just smoking the TMU good stuff?

Marlies Hartmann

On the fence about 2MU Metanoia?

Forget what you think you know about wedding photography, come with an open mind (and a notebook) and let 2MU in. You’ll come for the photography and stay for the life lessons!

Raj Passy

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We’re between semesters now, but will let you know when the next cohort is about to launch.

We’re good at this

We know what we’re doing, and we’ve honed our photography & educational skills over many years.






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